Who we are?

The kitchen is a busy place. We all know that… but we love it anyway.

Kitchenato About Us

At the very heart of this site, three self-proclaimed ‘kitchen lovers’ from the U.S. of A are in control. We are siblings, all in our thirties, and we’ve been through a few total kitchen makeovers in the past. Having our own separate lives and separate homes, we sometimes share tips and advice amongst ourselves, so we could really improve our respective kitchens. We are food lovers, and so it comes to no surprise that we also love cooking, and we know how important it is to have a decent place to prepare food.

We’ve had our fair share of equipment and tools over the years, and up until now we are testing the new items that are being introduced in the market, so we could continue to build up and improve our kitchens. There is always room for improvement, as we would always say.

And when it’s all said and done, we couldn’t just keep our learning to ourselves. We must always share them with others, so that they wouldn’t have to go through all this fuss. We decide to open this website – our own personal space on the internet, where we can distribute our expert tips, reviews, and guides, to those who need them.

We are a picky bunch, so you are sure that we only recommend the best of the best products. It’s what our parents taught us to do. We strive for nothing but perfection. It’s the reason we’ve had those renovations in the first place. We just couldn’t get enough. For now we are satisfied with our kitchens – we even compare and compete sometimes – but who knows? Maybe there will be better appliances and better tools in the market someday.

You know how technology always creates something amazing? We are complete supporters of innovation, and you will see that once you step into our kitchens. As you spend more time on this site, you will find that your own kitchen is improving; blossoming into the kitchen you have always wanted it to be.

And we could start today. All you have to do now is read the best kitchen faucet reviews.