What is a Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

What is a Touchless Kitchen Faucet?

Modern day technology has its way of entering our lives in every way possible. Everywhere we go, we see people holding gadgets.

Everyone is familiar with how every gizmo works, and society has become comfortable living with the works of innovation made by the brilliant inventors of today. The advancements in science and technology are astounding.

In fact, it has managed to walk into our very homes. And that’s not exactly a bad thing. We need these inventions to make our lives a little bit easier in this fast-paced world.

Even the simple things, such as kitchen necessities, have become infused with that technological boost. We can preserve food with the help of a refrigerator and reheat it with a microwave oven. And nowadays, we have faucets that don’t have to be touched.

Yes, you heard that right. While we have all gotten used to the simple way kitchen faucets are operated, it turns out that things can be made even simpler. Such is the power of innovation.

We usually turn levers or handles to access our water supply. It is just that easy. But there exists a kind of kitchen faucet that simply pushes the boundaries of ease and simplicity.

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True to its name, the Touchless Kitchen Faucet tries its best to minimize contact with its user. But what more can be said about this unique type of faucet? That is what we will try to explore within this guide.
Touchless Kitchen Faucet works differently with one another, but they all basically offer one thing: hands-free control over your water supply.

Delta Touchless Kitchen FaucetMost of these faucets work by making you move your hand over a specific sensor while the faucet is turned on. This will activate the Touchless Kitchen Faucet, but will not necessarily make the water flow just yet. The water will only be released when you put a hand near the spout’s sensor, or if it detects a small object right underneath it.

This means if you remove an object from the sensor’s range, the Touchless Kitchen Faucet will stop. It will only reactivate when you place another object under it, so on and so forth. This is a great way to conserve water. You will not be wasting too much water with a faucet that turns itself off whenever you are not using it.

Usually, these faucets are battery operated, so that may or may not prove to be inconvenient. Most touchless models have a blinking LED light to serve as an indicator that it is running out of juice. But since common faucets don’t run on batteries at all, you may consider this a disadvantage rather than a beneficial feature.

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Touchless Kitchen Faucet 2Additionally, some touchless kitchen faucets include a handle on the side. This is to provide a familiar sense of control over the water’s temperature, wherein you can mix warm and cold water by simply adjusting the handle in a particular way.

Lastly, some of these models have a manual override feature that lets you control the Touchless Kitchen Faucet manually with the handle, should you feel the need to do this.

Having this kind of Touchless Kitchen Faucet can be useful in many ways. Firstly, you don’t have to let go of whatever you are holding just so you could turn the handle. It soon becomes apparent how useful a touchless feature can be, especially when you see yourself scrubbing at those dirty dishes without even touching the faucet.

Modern technology has come a long way, and this is just another proof of how convenient our lives are getting by the minute. We can either enjoy these innovations right now or wait for something even better in the near future. Both ideas are fine. What will they come up with next time?

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